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Echec de l’OPA de Google sur Groupon ?

Si vous souhaitez avoir quelques explications sur les motifs de cette opération, lisez cette interview de Paul Kedrosky parue dans

We asked him if he thinks the startup world is overheated and what he thinks Groupon should do.

Mr. Kedrosky: I don’t care about specials in a three-block area of Brooklyn. I just don’t care. So yes, there’s definitely a billion-dollar hyper-local ad market but the right way to see it is there’s a $15,000 local ad market. There’s a whole bunch of many, many small markets. The whole idea of many companies or people is to get 1% of a giant number, but local doesn’t work that way. It’s 100 markets of all varying sizes. Given that you don’t have Facebook’s traffic on your site nor do you have salespeople in all those regions, how are you going to do it? And the answer I get from all the people who pitch me is « I’ll just build a fantastic platform and they’ll all come to me. » Which won’t happen.

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