DataViz ou la visualisation de données

C’est un métier qui se développe dans un monde marqué par l’image et un volume croissant d’informations à portée de mains (Big Data).

Mais ce n’est pas une discipline récente.

En voici une petite histoire …


DED&M 2014 : call for papers



February, 2014 – Paris (France)


The new digital challenges are based on the dynamics of progress of the three basic information & communication technology: data storage, information processing and communication networks that are now mature. Hence, making the technological advances closer to the new uses that they daily allow has become a central issue of the emerging Digital World. The competitiveness of modern enterprises will rely more and more on the ability to take part of the new digital value trails, using their technical infrastructure and their information systems.

We therefore believe that this is crucial to create a key place for international debates & meetings on the Enterprise Architecture dimension of the digital business.
The “Digital Enterprise Design & Management” conference meets exactly this objective.
Our event intends to put digital issues at the heart of its program, but also to bring together all business and technological stakeholders of the Digital Enterprise and to give to all academic researchers and professional practitioners interested in the design and the governance of digital systems the opportunity to present their work or experiences.


– Abstract submission (optional): July 31, 2013
– Papers submission deadline: September 15, 2013
– Results announcement: November 6, 2013
– Camera-ready paper: December 15, 2013
– Conference: February 2014
– « Best papers » awards: February 2014


As the DED&M conference is both professional and academic, there will be two different submission procedures according to the type of submitted contributions:
professional submissions and scientific submissions. Selected papers will be presented either on the format of a 30-minute talk or as a poster during a special session.

All accepted 30-minute talks papers will be published by Springer-Verlag (Science and
Engineering) in a dedicated proceedings book that will be given to all participants during the conference. The program committee is also pleased to inform you of the following two awards for the best DED&M 2014 papers: 1 award of 1.500 € for the best academic or professional paper and 1 award of 750 € for the best student paper.

For more details, see:


Digital economy:
Digital culture & uses, Digital strategies & economical models, Digital property, Digital customers, Digital marketing & distribution, Extended digital enterprise, Activities & digital resources, Norms & standards.

Digital corporate governance:
Public & inter-professional governance, Industrial policy & sectorial regulation, Information systems & digital governance, Strategic alignment, Digital enterprise transformation, Digital technological strategies,Digital projects portfolios management.

Digital architecture & engineering:
Enterprise architecture, Architectural modeling, business, functional, applicative & technical architecture processes), Collaborative architecture, Management of digital programs & projects, Metrics of complexity & quality, Interoperability of information systems.


– More information can be found on the conference website:
– For any question, please write an email to:

DED&M is organized by CESAMES (Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy and Strategy) and sponsored by the Dassault Aviation – DCNS – DGA – Thales
– Ecole Polytechnique – ENSTA ParisTech – Télécom ParisTech « Complex Systems Engineering » chair and the Orange – Ecole Polytechnique – Télécom ParisTech « Innovation & Regulation » chair.

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m-commerce by Zappos


C’est une filiale d’Amazon spécialisée dans la vente de chaussures en ligne, …

Mais surtout Zappos est un champion de la relation client qui est son ADN (cf. l’Entreprise du bonheur par Tony Hsieh).

Dans ce contexte, il est intéressant de voir sa posture sur le m-commerce :


eMarketer: Do you think consumers are using their smartphones to actually fulfill a Zappos order or is it still more of a shopping tool and orders are finished on the desktop?

Aki Iida: It’s a combination of both. There’s definitely been progress; more people now complete the full purchase on mobile. In testing, however, we’ve seen there’s still a subset of customers who like the app experience, say it’s fantastic, but are hesitant to complete the purchase there [because] they need to see merchandise on a bigger screen. People also use [our app] as a browsing tool and for checking on the whereabouts of orders.

Initially, we were wondering if people were looking to purchase things on the website or the app because there’s a browsing mechanism on the app. Looking at conversion numbers, my view so far is that a person doesn’t come to the app and necessarily buy something right away, so there’s a fair amount of browsing as well, so it’s really comparable to the website.


Tout l’article :

Baromètre des moteurs de recherche (janvier 2013) par AT Internet

Ce baromètre affiche le top 5 pour 4 pays européens : Allemagne, Espagne, Royaume-Uni et France.

Si Google arrive toujours le premier avec plus de 90% de part de marché, les suivants varient en fonction des pays.

J’avoue avoir découvert conduit qui est le numéro 4 en France.

Et vous, le connaissez-vous ?


Source : AT Internet