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m-commerce by Zappos


C’est une filiale d’Amazon spécialisée dans la vente de chaussures en ligne, …

Mais surtout Zappos est un champion de la relation client qui est son ADN (cf. l’Entreprise du bonheur par Tony Hsieh).

Dans ce contexte, il est intéressant de voir sa posture sur le m-commerce :


eMarketer: Do you think consumers are using their smartphones to actually fulfill a Zappos order or is it still more of a shopping tool and orders are finished on the desktop?

Aki Iida: It’s a combination of both. There’s definitely been progress; more people now complete the full purchase on mobile. In testing, however, we’ve seen there’s still a subset of customers who like the app experience, say it’s fantastic, but are hesitant to complete the purchase there [because] they need to see merchandise on a bigger screen. People also use [our app] as a browsing tool and for checking on the whereabouts of orders.

Initially, we were wondering if people were looking to purchase things on the website or the app because there’s a browsing mechanism on the app. Looking at conversion numbers, my view so far is that a person doesn’t come to the app and necessarily buy something right away, so there’s a fair amount of browsing as well, so it’s really comparable to the website.


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